Thursday, 16 February 2012

Life in the Lab, 16th Feb 2012

Lots going on in the lab just now, and most of it seemed to cross my desk today.

1. Jack's having a lot of success recruiting older adults for his learning study. This was always going to be the tricky bit of his Master's and his recruitment plan is really paying off.

2. Dan's pilot data for the VNS study is rolling in; not sure what, if anything is going on yet but it's nice to see the numbers to start figuring it out!

Third year research project groups
3. Met with the throwing group to finally start organising data collection; we move the target into the gym tomorrow and do pilot data collection and testing on Monday.

4. The group looking at the timed up-and-go task in older adults are all ready to roll; I will have some analysed data for them tomorrow from the piloting and we're just waiting to hear back about participant recruitment.

5. The coordination group are collecting data on the unimanual learning study and the whacky perturbation study which just might be working.

I have a paper coming my way for final comments with some great older adult learning data, plus a transfer of learning data set from IU which will make a great complement to Jack's first study. I have one super secret plan ticking along nicely, and another one in the works; plus I'm this close to having time to write up the throwing data from last year.Our second lab meeting tomorrow, Laura from Sarah's lab will present some of her work with spinal cord patients.

In other project news, young Elliott is working on his prehension and is starting to get the hang of it!

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