Lab Members

Lab Director

Dr Andrew D. Wilson studies the perceptual control of action, with a special interest in learning. I gained a PhD in Psychology and Cognitive Science from Indiana University, Bloomington in 2005, working with Geoff Bingham. My research is driven by the ecological approach to perception and action, which is inspired by the work of James J Gibson.

In the lab, we use a variety of tasks to study how people use perceptual information to control action, and how this changes with learning. Tasks include coordinated rhythmic movement and long distance throwing, as well as eye tracking and visual psychophysics. 

I also blog at Notes From Two Scientific Psychologists, and on Psychology Today at Cognition Without Borders. You can follow me on Twitter (@PsychScientists) and Google+.
Centre for Sport & Exercise Sciences
Institute of Membrane and Systems Biology
Worsley Building
University of Leeds
Leeds LS 2 9JT

Post Graduates
Jack Leech (MRes, 2011-12) I graduated from the University of Leeds in 2011 with a BSc in Sport and Exercise Science. Having undertaking a learning study for my dissertation under the guidance of Dr Andrew Wilson I chose to continue down this line. This has lead to me becoming a post graduate student at the University of Leeds still where I am studying for an Mres in Perception-Action Learning, specifically in older adults.

My interest stems from my undergraduate study where exposure to a wide range of disciplines gave me varied but not in depth knowledge. However it occurred to me that many areas under the global term Motor Control are still relatively unknown when compared to the other disciplines associated with sports science. Something that is even more prominent when ageing is involved. Offering an exciting prospect and opportunity to further my education, knowledge and impact a developing and relevant field.


Daniel Taylor (MRes, 2011-2012) I graduated in 2010 from the University of Bradford with a BSc in Psychology. My undergraduate dissertation made use of biometrics to investigate the possibility of inherent fears. My undergraduate dissertation has recently been submitted for publication to the journal of Evolutionary Psychology. It was at this point I realised I wanted to pursue the more neurological side of human behaviour. I spent a semester studying physiological psychology at Sonoma State University in California .

I am now studying a master’s degree with the supervision of Andrew Wilson and Jim Deuchars investigating motor skill acquisition making use of vagus nerve stimulation. My interest in this project comes from previous research in the area of the vagus nerve, most consistently showing how external stimulation of the vagus nerve causes a positive neuro-plastic effect.

I am incredibly excited about the results of this project as well as my future in neuroscience.


Third Year Project students:  
Coordination and Learning: Stephan Anti, Joshua Perry, Gary Ryder, James Somers
Targeted Throwing: Vincent Stivala, Richard Borritt (w/ help from Kameron Powell)
Kinematic Analysis of the 'Timed Up-And-Go Task': Jamie Nightengale, Laura O'Gorman, Jermaine Bernard

First Year Research Placement:
2012: Eluned Broom
2011: Kameron Powell